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HMS Fearless was laid down in Belfast and was to be the last of the Royal Navy's steam power ships in service.

Factory Press

The Falklands War

The Command Ship for the land based warfare meant HMS Fearless was a pivotal piece in the war

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The Name has been used many times but, L10 LPD has become one of the memorable ships

The Crew

The crew are a small part of a ship but, they create what a ship becomes

Assault Squadron

4th Assault Squadron are the backbone of what made HMS Fearless the force she was.

Naval Air Squadron

The role of the ships meant that they would usually have a Naval Air Squadron aboard for most trips.

Fearless was special to so many people

Fearless was in service longer than any other ship. So many more people served on her and then so many people had to call her home for so many other reasons.



Her design was unique

HMS Fearless was designed for the job and she was the first of two sisters

Two Ships

The sisters would alternate in their role and rarely would they both be at sea at the same time

The Falklands

The Falklands was to see the sisters pushed to the extreme and were to prove the power of the landing Platform Dock

We will remember them

The loss of F4 in the Falklands will be remembered by all and those who never returned will be remembered every day

Our Memories

HMS Fearless L10 Landing Platform Dock